Life Insurance Simplified for the Digital Era

Branding for Quinn, a start-up life insurance provider.

Quinn is a digital-first life insurance provider with an easy-to-use website, streamlined buying experience, and ongoing support. Its brand identity, highlighted by a quail logo, reflects trust, reliability, and approachability, aligning with the quail's symbolism of strength, protection, and nurturing. The brand's visual elements include a modern serif font and a blue color palette, symbolizing sophistication, trust, and stability. Simplified illustrations enhance communication clarity, distinguishing Quinn in the market as a provider of dependable, compassionate insurance solutions.
Client: Quinn
Type: Visual Identity
Year: 2023
Quinn Case Study: Logo Minimalist bust of a Quail
Quinn Case Study: Logo Construction
Quinn Case Study: Layout
Quinn Case Study: Typography-Sole Serif
Quinn Case Study: Color Palette
Quinn Case Study: Typography-Sole Sans